U-Digitalize is a digital transformation Project aimed at empowering professionals from 3rd sector so they are capable of virtualizing the care for people with functional diversity.

We live in a context of uncertainly, in wich changes are becoming larger, faster and more complex. The speed of theses changes imposed by globalization and the digital world has incresead as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Digital disruption is changing aspects as diverese as: organizational models and bussiness management, production processes, living habits and social relationships. The imperative of caring for people afected by chronic and disabling diseases has driven the development of virtualized care sessions, carried put by highly motivated professionals, but with limited training and digital skills.

The Third Sector organizations dealing with social-health care of people with functional diversity use diverse digital tools, but don’t count on digital transformation models from which learn and how to take steps towards the integration of user care models base don new technologies. In addition, the professionals don’t have the necessary training to enable them to carry out their work in virtual formats with guarantees.


U-Ditgitalize wants to offer models and proven references for the adoption of digital services as well as to take advantage of the potential of technology in an optimal way. Some of the specific objectives are:

  • To promote a new organizational culture focusing on empowering professionals working in care sector organizations.
  • To incorporate new working models that increase the capacity and resilience of organizations.
  • To make professionals aware of the importance of adapting to new working schemes in digital enviroments in order to offer quality services to users.
  • To create a model of digitization care services for people with functional diversity.

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